A new era… Welcome to C.J. Thomson’s official Blog

Hi guys,

Welcome, one and all, ladies and gentlemen, to the official C.J.Thomson blog!

After months of trial and error, I’ve finally got around to starting my own writing blog, which will work opposite my ‘Enter, the VAULT!‘ blog.

The need to do it came from many articles that I wanted to write, only that they were not suitable for the previous site.

Do not worry, the ‘Enter, the VAULT!’ blog will continue to function, with all the critiques and opinions of popular geek culture, only this will function as more personal blog, one devoted to my hobby of writing and story telling.

In the coming months, I will post articles on my own experiences as a writer. Anything from:

  • Details of my current or upcoming projects
  • Stories and commentary associated with the very art of writing
  • Articles on how an idea came into fruition and how each of my stories have been developed
  • Input into my life as an academic in the world of literature
  • And even…fingers crossed…. some short previews of short stories and pieces of fiction I’ve written.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for reading and hope to have more information and articles for you in the coming months on both this, my new official blog, as well as the ‘Enter, the VAULT!‘ site.


C.J. Thomson


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