‘The hunt continues’… Finding a Home for ‘The Bargheist’

‘The Bargheist’ continues to stalk undeterred…

Last month I wrote an article on how I had recently completed my latest short story (see here). Entitled ‘The Bargheist’ the story was originally written for ‘The Ghastling’ Magazine as part of their open submission period.

Since then, ‘The Bargheist’ was sadly not picked up by the magazine. It is not something I feel downhearted by and I’m actually looking forward to reading the latest issue of the magazine to uncover improvements to my own short story writing.

With that behind me, I found myself wondering what next to do with my latest short? Was I simply to resign it to the failures drawer with several other stories – including ‘Vegas’ (See here) and the initial draft of ‘Noisy Neighbours’ (See here) – or was I simply to carry on with the submissions in the hope that another magazine would see the potential in the story and pick it up?

You’ll be please to know that I decided to carry on with the submission process. There are many great and exciting online magazines out there that I feel the story would prosper in and benefit. Having taken the steps to create a list based upon this, I’ve now elected on a more focused approach instead of the scattershot submissions of yesteryear. Now, instead of sending them out on mass, I’m looking at submitting three at a time, using a one month (or 30 day) period as a ‘waiting’ period for feedback, before resubmitting elsewhere.

So far, I’ve looked at the following magazines:

  • Santitarium Magazine (See here)
  • Lamplight Magazine (See here)
  • Dark Alley Press (See here)

I’ve also used this time to concentrate on writing further bespoke covering letters and synopsis, each time focusing my approach using a similar approach to what I did on my past submission. It’s an approach I’m interested to try and have happened upon some really exciting new magazines that I  hope will see it in their interests to publish ‘The Bargheist.’

But that’s not all.

As I had a friend look over and critique my manuscript and mulled over my next course of action,  I realised that the story has further potential to prosper beyond the short story format. By focusing on my original inception of the story, one beyond the guidelines placed upon it by magazine conditions, I realised that the story could be morphed into a novella; a form that I have yet to try my hand at.

In fact, It transpired that the manuscript I produced, was but a prelude or accompanying piece to another story that needed to be written. And so that’s where I stand now. As I move deeper into my research next month, I plan to use my weekends to begin planning this novella.

Finally, a quick announcement and a precursor for next months post.

This July, I’m going to be taking my annual leave this month. Instead of seeking the sunny beaches of Spain or Florida, I shall be partaking in a week away to the land of Vampires itself, Romania. Starting in Bucharest, we plan to travel to Dracula’s castle (Bran Castle, as seen here), as well as visit the gloomy forests that inspired the vampire folklore. A self-confessed fan of the Gothic, horror and folklore, I can’t help but think of a more exciting place to holiday and will certainly be taking a set of short Vampire stories with me for inspiration. Not only that, here I plan to commit some time to writing, where hopefully, I’ll either bring back a few pages of script or at the very least uncover a few new pieces of inspiration for more stories.

More on my Romania trip, next month- until then, see you guys!!!






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